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An Analysis of Homicides in the US from 1976 - 2015

By aggressively using the Freedom of Information Act, SHNS reporter Tom Hargrove constructed a database of over 525,000 homicides from the past 30 years. He found that nearly 185,000 of these killings remain unsolved, and that success of police departments vary wildly across the country. Can his analysis be improved using machine learning?

Ethnoastronomy in Gabon

As the recipient of the 2015 Wayne and Claire Horton Fellowship, I traveled to Gabon and studied traditional astronomy beliefs in different Ethnic groups.

Globular Clusters in Coma

The large scale distribution of globular clusters in the central region of the Coma cluster of galaxies is derived through the analysis of Hubble Space Telescope/Advanced Camera for Surveys data.

Impact of Open Source Software

The National Science Foundation is interested in evaluating the economic impact of Open Source Software (OSS) without using survey data. This is a three-tiered problem; we must: (1) gather data, (2) define what it means to innovate, and (3) model the innovation of OSS packages.

Sounds of the Spectrum

For thousands of years, we have used our eyes to study the cosmos, but what if we could use our ears, or our hands? What would we learn if we gave everyone a chance to experience our universe?

The Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on Washington State Traffic Flows

This report investigates the effect of increasing driverless cars on a closed segment of highway with a sophisticated simulation that includes various speeds, lane changes, levels of traffic, and other realistic characteristics of roadway flow.



Postbac Fellow

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Jun 2017 – Aug 2018 Los Alamos, New Mexico
  • Integrated AMR and particle-based cosmology simulations with 26-species chemical reaction network in C, F90
  • Writing a paper on results as first author and presented at two conferences

Software Intern

Virginia Biocomplexity Institute

May 2017 – Jan 2017 Blacksburg, Virginia
  • Invented an educational game using HTML5, Javascript, Construct2 for elementary school biology program of ~300 students.
  • Scraped web pages for epidemiology simulation data.

Undergraduate Researcher

Cerro-Tololo Inter-American Obervatory

Mar 2015 – Jan 2015 La Serena, Chile
  • Generated catalogue of 22,676 globular clusters from HST/ACS data using PyRAF
  • Analyzed clusters by creating radial density maps, Color Magnitude Diagrams in Python (see publications)

High School Intern

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Jun 2013 – Aug 2011 Greenbelt, Maryland
  • Quantified exoplanet detection likelihoods as a function of impact parameter and mass ratios
  • Implemented a Markov Chain in IDL for parameter space sampling.

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